"Excellence through People" is achieved when employees, managers and the company share certain key beliefs about our mutual responsibilities to one another.
The IIC-LTD Philosophy describes a culture in which employees can achieve their full potential to make exceptional contributions, confident that these will be welcomed and rewarded. Over employees from across the country worked together to define the IIC-LTD Philosophy. And we mutually hold ourselves responsible for carrying it out wherever we do business:
Excellence: We strive to be the best.
Accountability: We keep our commitments.
Health and Safety: We are committed to the wellbeing of all employees. And the Safety is part of Our Personal Culture.
Inclusion: We value individual differences.
Communication: We communicate openly and honestly.
Compensation: We provide competitive pay and benefits.
Learning: We continuously learn, grow and change.
Innovation: We value new ideas.
Engagement: We are involved in our work and committed IIC-LTD future.
Environment and Communities: We strive to improve the environment and our communities.